swami and friends
Updated: 3/22/2020
swami and friends

Storyboard Description

The chapters name is Monday Moning and i am describing the scenes, when swami wakes up and realises that he has to finish all of his homework before school which is in two hours. Thevnext scene is in arithmatic class and how he only pays attenion everywhere else but wjere the teacher is. After that i am showing D.Pillias class. Who is the kindest teacher in the school. Next up i am describing Mr Ebenzers class and how he shames Lord Krishna and swami stood up to the teacher and then had a fight with him, about Lord Jesus and Lord Krishna, but it ended up with Mr Ebenzar twisting swamis left ear. Then i described swami handing the head master a letter that swamis father wrote regarding Mr Ebezars class. The last scene shows swami and his 4 best friends hanging out near the river sarayu.

Storyboard Text

  • How will I finish all this work in only two hours?
  • If he was god, why did he eat flesh and fish and drink wine?
  • You shall meet me at the end of this period and learn it in private.