Week 8: Digital Citizen

Updated: 5/3/2020
Week 8: Digital Citizen

Storyboard Text

  • Today we are going to learn about what it means to be a Digital Citizen.
  • On this poster we are going to work together as a class to develop our rules and regulations for proper use of digital materials much as we did for our rules in the classroom. But first lets go over what being a digital citizen means
  • In order to use devices like chrome books in our classroom we have to know what sites we are allowed to use in the classroom, we need to understand what copyright means, and how to follow the digital law
  • First lets go over what we should use on our smart board up here. What can we use to write on the smart board?
  • Yes Shawn?
  • Correct! Anything else could scratch or damage our board and we wouldn't be able to have it in our class anymore
  • We should only use the digital markers that came with the smart board.
  • We should also remember that even though the Smart Board is fun it is not a toy and should only use it from permission from me.