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Behavior Strategies
Updated: 7/14/2018
Behavior Strategies
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  • Behavior Strategies Intro
  • Remember to stay calm and enjoy the day
  • I need to keep my students engaged in our lessons today
  • Classroom
  • Stop pulling my hair!
  • It was an accident, stop whining!
  • Classroom
  • By Bianca Thurman and Jonathan Richards
  • Classroom
  • It is easy while teaching, especially from the front of the roo, t not be aware of all potential trouble spots. This makes 'systematic and frequent,' checks of all areaas, especially those visually obscured, crucuial to de-escalation. (Marzano, 2007)
  • School Field Trip
  • Ha!!! Ha!!! Ha!! Hey!!
  • "Even when the teacher is standing still she can occuppy the entire room by making eye contact with every student. For example, a middle school teacher occupies the entire room by making systematic sweeps of the class, trying to catch the gaze of every student" (Marzano, 2007).
  • School Field Trip
  • I told you to delete that picture! Now you show it to everybody?! I’m gonna smash you face!
  • Bring it on, you don’t even know how to fight!
  • While eye contact can be sufficient in many cases, do not overlook the importance of physical relocation in occupying the roo, especially if some areas are hard to see from the board. Your presence has power!
  • It can be easy, especially in abnormal circumstances like a field trip, to ignore warning signs of potential problems. Unfortunatley this can lead to much more serious problems down the line.
  • Geez, this field trip is taking forever...I'll just ignore them.
  • De-escalation is always easier when you start from a lower emotional point. Ignoring warning signs gives problems time to get worse. Don’t wait!
  • Oh no! I should have check on it sooner!
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