Updated: 9/27/2020

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  • Saint La Salle never fails to amaze me.
  • In 1866, Brother Adelminiamo was diagnosed with progressive multiple scelerosis, an incurable illness. He turned to Saint John Baptist De La Salle at times when he lost hope. Two years later, he was instantly cured forever.
  • I had visited the tombof Saint John Baptist De La Salle in the city of Rouen. It is through his intercession that I am now cured.
  • Me too! Do you remember the miracle of Brother Adelminiamo? Saint La Salle was able to do the impossible!
  • Stage 1: Recognizing the Divine
  • From a young age, SJBDLS would visit his grandparents during the summers. His grandfather, Jean Moët, was the one who taught him how to recite the divine office every day.
  • Just like him, my grandparents taught me a lot from a young age. My grandmother taught me some of my first prayers and helped me grow in my faith.
  • Thank you for joining me today, grandson.
  • Stage 4: The Journey Inward
  • In my own ways, I do my best to live out the Lasallian Core Values such as compassionate and concerned for the marginalized. I donate to different beneficiaries and offer my time for social action projects and missions.
  • Even if he came from a wealthy family, by 1684, SJBDLS had given up his wealth and title in society, deciding to focus on his apostolic mission of helping the poor. He joined his brothers in real poverty.
  • The Wall
  • Saint John Baptist De La Salle experienced many struggles. In 1688, 16 brothers became 8 due to defections. Some fell ill due to overwork. Even SJBDLS himself experienced a long illness which almost brought him to death. Despite this, he was able to recover.
  • Despite the hardships, SJBDLS continued to persevere and keep himself focused on his goals and aspirations. I do the same whenever I encounter difficulties.