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The Haiti Revolution: Illustrated Timeline
Updated: 11/15/2017
The Haiti Revolution: Illustrated Timeline
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Summary of the Haiti Revolution as an illustrated timeline in 6 panels!

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  • Hi! My name is Alexa! I am 15 and the chief-in-training! There are about 1 million people here on the Island. We are all of Taino or Arawak descent!
  • Hi! My name is Alexa and I live on this island! It has had many names, but you soon will learn the first!
  • Now fast-forward about 88 years. Christopher Columbus has just landed and named the island "La Espanola" or Hispaniola. He brought over disease and killed off a good amount of our people. We went from over 1 million to 60,00 !
  • Now, sugarcane has been introduced to us! It is super great! We are trading the Future U.S.( The 13 British colonies)! We have almost officially reached a place in our economy that hasn't been surpassed in European history yet! But France has gained control of our island via the Treaty of Ryswick!
  • ...And I, a member of the French Assembly, hereby grant all mulattos and free blacks their FULL political rights back!!!
  • Now, after the fact that white planters have refused to grant free blacks citizenship and ensued violence, I introduce Toussaint Louverture, a brilliant former slave turned general who is a very capable administrator, has finally defeated the French, British, and Spanish troops after YEARS of intense negotiation and battle!
  • I, Toussaint Louverture, have finally defeated the French, Britsh and, Spanish troops! I guess all those years of negotiation and intense battle have finally paid off!
  • Well, It is all over! Napoleón Bonaparte sent his Brother-In-Law , Victor Leclerc to reestablish slavery, which had already been abolished, and Louverture has sent a note to the Commander-in-Chief, Jean Jacques Dessalines to burn down Port-Au-Prince.There was a crazy battle afterwards. He and Dessalines called a truce on Leclerc but Louverture was deceived and imprisoned. In the years afterwards, the Proclamation of Independence was created, the Haitian Constitution was signed by Dessalines, Dessalines' troops defeated France, Saint Domingue became the Republic of Hayti, King Charles X of FRance recognized Hayti in exchange of 150 million francs for their losses because of the abolition of slavery, and Hayti repaid ALL of its debts!
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