Catherine McAuley
Updated: 3/15/2021
Catherine McAuley

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About Catherine McAuley Due- Monday 15th March

Storyboard Text

  • Catherine's Early life
  • Hi I'm Catherine McAuley. I was born in Dublin.
  • Catherine's House of Mercy
  • Religious order
  • Catherine was born on the 29th of September 1778
  • Sisters of Mercy
  • Catherine Bought a house with her inheritance. The house she bought was called the House of Mercy where she took in Homeless Women and children.
  • House's of Mercy
  • At the Age of 53 she was founded a religious order.
  • Showing gods love
  • In 1831 Catherine made her Profession of Vows and created the Order of the Sisters of Mercy.
  • By the tragic death of Catherine McAuley in 1841 there were ten Houses of Mercy.
  • This Is My House Of Mercy
  • New House of Mercy
  • Catherine believed that all people deserve an education and a place to live no matter what you have done in you life or if your poor.
  • I believe that everyone deserves an education and a place to live even people in poverty.