Reasons For Seasons 2
Updated: 11/6/2018
Reasons For Seasons 2
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  • ummmmm, cool, I didn't ask. also how did you get into space?
  • that's fine, also magic
  • A few more things that I forgot, when the sun is hitting the northern hemisphere directly (which is clearly where we are) the sun is higher in the sky
  • but when the sun is hitting the southern hemisphere indirectly (which is clearly where we are) the sun is lower in the sky
  • Where the sun is in the sky also has to do with the tilted toweredness of the earth. because if the north is tilted away from the sun, then it'll appear to be lower in the sky and will have indirect light
  • I already knew all this
  • then you must perish
  • and that's all the time we have. goodbye for now, and remember, every second you're not running away, I'm only getting closer
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