Updated: 1/11/2020
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  • How about a little quiet!I cannot think because of you.
  • Where is my hat?
  • I told you I'm right!
  • I do not believe you. My hair does not fall out.
  • Meow!
  • Shall we go to dinner tonight?
  • It is sounds good.
  • Sorry guys. I cannot continue my story. I cannot think anything! I think I need to stay by myself.
  • Nobody cares for me!
  • I was just kidding!
  • Emma, Jenn is fooling me! I do not do anything!
  • Meow!
  • Emma, what is the problem?
  • Emma, are you okey ?
  • Emma! I am calling you and you cannot even hear me. Are you okey ?
  • You have to stop talking to your own character. Let's go to the room. I have so much to tell you!
  • I guess I am not okey. Sounds !
  • I know. I am trying to avoid it.
  • Emma was trying to think about the continuation of her story at home on Sunday.The voices from the surrounding area disturbed Emma.Finally, she couldn't stand it, so she yelled at those around him.
  • ...Do you believe?I am waiting for him to invite me to dinner. We need to think about what to wear. I think we should go shopping.
  • I am so happy for you! We will take care of everything.
  • She regretted yelling. Then she waited for the headache to go away.
  • What do you think about clothes ?
  • By the way, I bought that lipstick for you.
  • They are all very beautiful. They seem to be made for you!
  • Thanks.Now I am going to sleep. sleep well!
  • She was so immersed that she couldn't hear the door open.She didn't realize your best friend Marry was coming.
  • I found my hat!
  • I am happy for you, Jack.Good night!
  • Mary began to tell her about the events of that day. In fact,she was just trying to get her friend to relax.
  • Thanks! I bought some things on the way here today.I will show you them.
  • After spending time with the Marry, Emma, who felt tired, went to sleep.
  • Good night. Do not forget to take your drug!
  • Emma tried to sleep without thinking any more.
  • Good night, Emma.
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