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Unknown Story
Updated: 9/21/2018
Unknown Story
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  • The Loss
  • Knocking at the Chamber door
  • The Questions
  • The man weeps before his beloved Lenore for she has gone away. He sits there crying thinking why did this happen. He wishes he could have done something he wish he could undo her death but he knows he can not.
  • The thinking of Lenore
  • He goes to his fire to look and stare but all he sees is Lenore. Then a second later he hears a knock at his chamber door and he wonders could this be Lenore. He opens the door and sees nobody but then he sees a raven that flies inside. He tells the raven leave my house but the raven says one thing, "nevermore."
  • The devil bird
  • He finally just starts asking the raven questions. "Why did she have to go." "Is she still alive please tell me ." " Tell me are you Lenore are you my loved one talk to me ." But the bird only responds with one word after every question, "nevermore."
  • I won't forget
  • The man thinks about Lenore for all his sorrow dreaming of when it was dark and hollow. He can never think of good times with her because now he knows he has no more time. He wish he could bring her back but he knows he can not with all the sorrow.
  • When he comes out of his daze he is mad at the bird but he knows the bird has not done anything to him. He thinks the raven is Lenore. He wants it to be Lenore watching him. But the only thing the raven says to him when he asks is "nevermore."
  • The Man says "this bird has not left me alone it has not left my home." " I need to know is this you my sweet Lenore." The bird says only one thing to the man, "nevermore." The man says one last thing, ." If you are my Lenore I won't forget about you and I will never forget when this raven came to me."
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