natural selection
Updated: 3/5/2021
natural selection

Storyboard Text

  • the snakes in the trees by william fetzer
  • deforestation
  • mutation
  • at first, the snakes hid in the trees and pounced on the mice bellow
  • thriveing population
  • then humans came in and they started to cut down the trees
  • overtaking population
  • as this happened there was a snake who was born with a genetic mutation it was green and could hunt in the grass
  • total control
  • as deforestation continued the brown snakes needed to hunt in the grass but the mice can see them so little by little the snake population depleted
  • now the mutated snake population controlled 4/6 of the total snake population
  • at last, the brown snakes couldn't find food so they died off because they didn't survive to reproduce and the green population took over the total population of this species of snake