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Circles project
Updated: 6/7/2020
Circles project
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  • Today class, five student will be presenting their theorem of choice.
  • Please be sure to take notes an all the presentations
  • The theorem I chose to present is the central angle theorem
  • The central angle theorem states that an angle in a circle which has its vertex at the circles center and touches the edge of the circle is equal to the angle of the opposite arc.
  • Angle = Arc
  • 90°
  • 90°
  • The theory I decided to present is the inscribed angle theorem
  • The angle measurement of the arc opposite the vertex is double the angle measurement of the vertex.
  • When the vertex of an angle is on the circumference of a circle and the two legs are also on the circumference, this is when you apply the inscribed angle theorem.
  • Angle = 1/2Arc
  • Y
  • 27°
  • 54°
  • The theorem I chose to present is the tangent chord theorem.
  • This theorem is when a tangent and chord meet at a point on the circles circumference. The angle at which these points meet is half of the angle measurement of the opposite arc.
  • 86°
  • 43°
  • I will be explaining the tangent-tangent theorem.
  • This theorem proves that two tangents drawn from the same point to a circle’s circumference are equal in length
  • 6”
  • 6”
  • To finish the presentations, I will be talking about the tangent-secant theorem.
  • The formula is the secant squared is equal to the whole tangent multiplied by the part of the tangent not inside the circle.
  • The tangent-secant theorem proves that you can find the length of the tangent or secant using this formula
  • Z*Z=X(X+Y)
  • X
  • Z
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