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Updated: 3/11/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Why did'nt you tell us where you were going?!
  • Alcohol facts:1.Alochol made is a depressent causing the kids to make nonrealistic desicions2.Alocohol is illegal to buy or drink without consent when under the age of 213.Alcohol is especially illegal to drink on school grounds in which our story took place
  • Telling an AdultPro:1.Wouldn't get in trouble2.Adults may have more trust in me3.I would be stress free about it allCon:1.Friends and crush might find out and be mad2.I wouldn't get to see my crush3.I will have nothing to do tonight
  • Going and having funPro:1.I would get to see my crush2.Could make a good impression by drinking alot3.I would have a good time for a changeCon:1.May get caught and arrested2.Parents would be dissapointed3.Could embarrass myself
  • The principle called and said your off the football team
  • Are character made the wrong decision because everything he didn't want to happen happened and this goes to show how alcohol is bad and can ruin many peoples live even if it's just one time
  • Going to game but not drinkPro:1.I would get to see my crush2.I could still have fun wth friends3.I could see how alcohol effects them before i drink myself another timeCon:1.I still might get caught2.My friends and crush may be dissapointed thet i didn't drink3.My parents may be dissapointed in who i hang out with