Updated: 2/13/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Hey, I'm Tyresse. And this Level 2 Creative Media
  • Hey, Im Tajh, our topic is about video games, If is good or bad influence for young and adult people
  • My name is Llanten and this is our documentary
  • My name is Bitty, enjoy our video!!!
  • This a presentation of the group and the topic we chose
  • The first part is about bad influence in young people (under 18), we chose certain news to show how is the influence about video games
  • Hey, James. thanks for accepting this interview so what do you think is the benefit of playing video games
  • This scene try to explain how can help to teenagers play games
  • This scene explain how video games can improve some of our skills, comparing a brain of someone who plays and someone who doesn't
  • This scene try to show us the benefit of video games while interviewing an adult
  • No problem!
  • Last scene: thanks you for watching our video