science project
Updated: 3/9/2021
science project

Storyboard Text

  • Mom look at this cool water bottle i found. Can I please get it?
  • It sure is cool let me take a look at it. I'm sorry sweetheart but this water bottle isnt bpa free so i dont want you drinking out of it.
  • Thats not fair, what even is bpa anyways.
  • Bpa is a toxin that can make you sick, if you drink from that water-bottle over time it can affect your body
  • What can it do to me?
  • Well they can affect the way your brain grows and when babies are in their moms belly it can cause them issues
  • omg really
  • It can be found in plastic like that water bottle
  • But where can you find bpa's?
  • I promise i wont buy anything with bpa's anymore
  • So please tell me you'll pay attention to what you put in your body