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The Mender
Updated: 10/15/2020
The Mender
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  • Are you ready for school, Kira?
  • Yes, Dad.
  • How could this happen? I just talked to her last night.
  • I am afraid that your mother didn't make it. She passed away this morning. I'm so sorry honey.
  • No Mikey. Im fine in here.
  • Why don't you come have dinner with me and dad?
  • Grades:English: CChemistry: FAlgebra: D
  • It's Kira's first day of school. Since everyone is currently in quarantine, she will attend school virtually. Her mother had unfortunately contracted the virus and has been in the hospital for weeks. Kira is at home with her father and her little brother, Mikey.
  • I'm coming.
  • Come on Kira! It's time to go.
  • Kira went down to the kitchen for her lunch break. When she got there, she saw her father sitting at the table crying. When she asked what happened, her father told her that her mother had passed away due to complications in the hospital. She was heart broken and immediately started bawling.
  • How do you know my name?
  • Your mother was such an angel. It's such a shame we lost her, Kira.
  • After hearing the terrible news about her mother, Kira changed as a person. She no longer cared about school and her grades were dropping tremendously. She rarely ever left her room and when she did it was to get food. She didn't care about anything anymore.
  • Your mother would always talk about you at work. She said you were special. Would you life to come have coffee with me tomorrow so I can tell you more?
  • Kira and her family are getting ready to leave for her mother's funeral. As she walks out the door, Kira finds a mysterious note telling her that she is needed to save the world. However, she was too sad to bring any attention to the note and threw it away. She wondered how she could help anyone if she was already going through her own problems.
  • After the funeral service, a woman that Kira had never seen before came up to her. Kira tried to get away before she came but the lady was walking too fast. The lady started talking to kira about her mother and knew Kira's name. Kira wondered how she knew her name if she had never seen her before.
  • The lady smiled at Kira and explained that she worked with her mother. They talked for a while and the woman asked Kira if she would like to go have coffee with her the next day. At first, Kira was unsure but figured that the lady could tell her more stories about her mother and agreed to go.
  • Yes, I would love to!
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