The Modern Life of Jesus Christ
Updated: 5/10/2018
The Modern Life of Jesus Christ
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  • I wish I was smart..
  • Ya serious?
  • Yep. 3 ppl from my squad are coming later. Their IQs are pretty high. Very "wise" people.
  • Aight yo fam, we 'bout to have a lad from God. His name's Jesus.
  • Das an interesting theory! Tell me more fam.
  • That's an interesting answer kid. I'm surprised you understand this field of knowledge
  • What's a kid doing here?
  • 2 + 2 = 4 - 1 = 3
  • Quick Maths
  • What a GENIUS!
  • Wat da heck John, where da river at?
  • It's right there, beside you.
  • Jesus gets baptized in the Jordan River. I mean the Jordan Bathtub.
  • The pharisees hated Jesus because He threatened their security, prestige and income. He was going to ruin everything they had worked so hard for
  • Da heck, his fans are here everyday.
  • Dasrite. Y'all better love God as well.
  • Bruh dis guy ain't showin no respecc
  • Jesus was a threat to their way of life, their religious system. The pharisees hated him for the claims and deeds he made, they also hated the people whom he's associated with.
  • Die Hard Fan I
  • omg marry me
  • AHHH Jesus we luv u!
  • Jesus was also known to perform miracles..
  • My Daughter's Alive!
  • Jesus Help me
  • OMG! YO WHERE MY WATER AT!? WHAT'S THIS RED DOO DOO? Oh it's wine. Hell yeah I can use this in the wedding.
  • During the 40 days, 40 nights fasting of Jesus Christ, Satan appeared to tempt Jesus.
  • Look at this mansion, you can have it. Even the city you may have. All you have to do is worship me.
  • Scram. It says in the bible that you should only worship the Lord, your God.
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