Fitting in
Updated: 10/9/2018
Fitting in
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  • Cmon guys leave her alone
  • Ewww look at that new girl shes so emo
  • Yeah what a loser why can't she be normal like us
  • Guys seriously leave her alone shes new and whats wrong with girls
  • Omg that's like so disguating
  • Whatever I have to tell everyone
  • Guys i just heard that new girl likes girls
  • Guys that new girl is a lesbian
  • Instagram
  • 1506
  • Becky405
  • Just ignore them I'm sure there is least one person who likes you for who you
  • What is wrong sweat heart
  • Everyone is making fun of me because of the way I look and my sexuality
  • Eww the weird girl
  • Whatever if you care so much go become friends with her and be a loser
  • She is so weird i bet she wishes she can be as cool as us
  • omg I'm sorry Becky can you please just leave her alone shes new here and you're makeing this so hard for her
  • Fine I will
  • And they all lives happily ever after except for Becky She kept bulling now no one likes her her mans broke up with her and she now works at Mcdonalds full time The End
  • Hey im so sorry about the way everyone was treating you. Im Sarah by the way
  • Hey im Annabelle so can we friends
  • No... Just kidding of course we can be friends
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