The Highwayman
Updated: 1/14/2021
The Highwayman

Storyboard Text

  • with joy, the highwayman canteredon his stolen house to visit Bess.
  • Tim,the ostler,discovers the handsome robberbut feels green with jealousy.
  • the highwayman embraces Bess before gallopingaway into the ghostly night promising to return by moonlight.
  • King George's minions came at the small inn.They tied Bess to the bed with rope(gagging her with a handkerchief) and strapped a gun to her chest.
  • Bess dramatically shoots her heart with a pistolto alert the highwayman about the merciless people.He hears the gun shot and retreats.
  • Sadly The Highwayman hears of Bess' demise and returns to the Inn but only to meet the final minute of his life......