Napoleoon story board
Updated: 1/26/2021
Napoleoon story board

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  • Napoleons Rise to Power(1789-1799)
  • Napoleon takes the Throne(1804)
  • Napoleon inn Power(1804-1814)
  • Napoleon helped suppress a royalist insurrection against the revolutionary government. Napoleon made great use of the free press. The society and people at large were benefited by some of Napoleon Bonaparte major accomplishments. Napoleon Bonaparte was a French statesman and military leader who led many successful campaigns during the French Revolution and the French Revolutionary Wars, and was Emperor of the French from 1804 until 1814 and again briefly in 1815 during the Hundred Days. Napoleon dominated European and global affairs for more than a decade while leading France.
  • Napoleon in Power(1789-1799)
  • After taking power in 1799, French leader Napoleon Bonaparte won a string of military victories that gave him control over most of Europe.
  • First Fall of Napoleon(1814-1815)
  • France conquered Egypt, Belgium, Holland, much of Italy, Austria, much of Germany, Poland and Spain. Napoleon conquered most of Europe with an array of insightful tactics. He used military strength, political maneuvering, forced alliances, annexation and idealism to bring large swathes of Europe under his control.
  • The Fall of Napoleon(1815)
  • Through the Concordat of 1801, Napoleon re-established a French relationship with the Pope. Back to equality: Napoleon established state-supported educational systems. This increased the amount of people who could gain access to education. Napoleon implemented a merit based system for government positions. However, Napoleon also practiced nepotism.
  • Significant causes of his downfall included the Continental Blockade, the Peninsular War, the Russian Campaign, and the direct role of Britain.
  • The Rise and Fall of Napoleon Bonaparte August 26, 2020 by Essay Writer Napoleon Bonaparte, the second of eleven children, was born in August of 1769 on a French island named Corsica. Being born into a gentry family, this made Bonaparte’s success rate very high.