Blake ivanov storyboard

Updated: 5/19/2020
Blake ivanov storyboard

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  • Hi i am Alan Degeneres and i'm here to share my story with you on what you should do if you witness bulling.
  • Hey loser where do you live, Loser town HAHA gottem.
  • Can you please go away i feel really uncomfortable with you around.
  • I was just having a normal day at school and this kid called Kyle started to say rude things to one of my class mates.
  • Hey dingus, you look stupid and dumb and no body likes you freak.
  • Over the next few days Kyle didn't seem to stop bulling my classmate.
  • Until i decided that enough is enough. Me and my class mate Mike told our principle of Kyle's wrong doings .
  • Kyle has been consistently saying rude things to Mike and we have decided to talk to an adult because enough is enough!
  • Ok thank you boys for informing me about this situation i will have a talk with Kyle to find out whats up.
  • I cant put up with Kyle's behaviour anymore so i am taking action with my new friend Alan.
  • I have brought you here to talk about your behaviour. it is unacceptable. you need to change your attitude.
  • Yeah sorry Mr Dover i haven't been feeling like myself lately. i'll be sure to apologise and start treating more people with respect .
  • If you ever see someone getting picked on be sure to tell a trusted adult about the situation and never be a bystander because YOU have the power to fix the problem.