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Follow the Music
Updated: 2/20/2019
Follow the Music
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  • Ooh! He has some good music! What if I follow him?! But I have work... Pshaww!
  • I've got nowhere to go anyway... I'm following him!
  • Good thing I'm going that way anyway!
  • N O R T H
  • Green Bay
  • 40 MPH
  • Exit 1 C
  • I wonder where we're going...
  • Are they following me? Yeah, they definitely are.
  • The decision has been made that Micheal Wilson will be sentenced to prison for life because of the following crimes. Disrupting a daily routine, false accusations of stalking, stopping vehicle patterns during rush hour, taking away human rights of freedom of hearing...
  • I should do this everyday!!
  • This is so great! Free music!
  • What exactly do you think you're doing?! Following me like that! I am certain that you do not live here so I suggest you leave before I call the police!
  • Yeah! It's the people like you who are the reason we put directions on shampoo bottles!
  • I was taking a morning jog and then you speed pass playing that great song! You can't just give me something great and the rip it away from me! And also, if music's for everyone to enjoy, why were you three hogging it?
  • Well excusez- moi! I don't know who you think you are! Stopping our music like that?! What a disgrace! We will be staying right here until you finish that song.
  • Hello?! You are not the only person in this world. Music should be free for everyone to enjoy!
  • Excuse me! I am not stupid thank you very much.
  • Okay! I don't what you guys are saying, but it was my music NOT YOURS!
  • I am sooo sorry I'm late guys! Some stupid guy cut in front of me!
  • Thank goodness! Just what he deserves!
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