Storyboard 1 Gas Comic
Updated: 3/31/2020
Storyboard 1 Gas Comic
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  • Wow! What an extravagant for Investigating!
  • Something seems suspicious about this alleyway. Let's check it out!
  • HELP!!!
  • Detective Gasman! Thank god you're here!
  • I was walking with my husband and he suddenly fainted!
  • What happened here?
  • I will try to find what substance did this by using the Ideal Gas Law.
  • I'm going to investigate the scene for evidence of what happened. It must have been a gas that killed him
  • From there I can use the moles and the amount of the substance to determine what was used.
  • I need the temperature, volume, and pressure to find the amount of moles of the substance was used.
  • Ideal Gas Law P = pressure V = volume PV=nRT n = # of moles R = universal gas constantn = RT / PV T = temperature
  • Why do we need to find moles. Like what does an animal have to do with this?!
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