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Updated: 1/28/2020
Unknown Story
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  • *Cough, Cough, Cough*Finally I am going to have a much better life there.
  • Hello Sir,May I ask what is that on your face?
  • *Cough, Cough*Nothing, it's just a face condition.
  • Sir, I think you'll have to come with us for further examination.
  • Okay...*Cough, Cough*
  • Domingo departed on a ship that migrated across the ocean from the Philippines to Canada. He came to make a living and get a better career.
  • Medical RecordsMEASLES
  • DomingoReyes
  • I'm sorry, I should've known.
  • This is a serious illness! You should've told the truth and that you had Measles. You could have started a huge outbreak if this wasn't uncovered.
  • Medical RecordsMEASLES
  • When he arrived on the port the security inspected his luggage and it was clear. But, then they became suspicious because of the mask he was wearing and the small red spots all over his face. They started to question the security of the citizens.
  • Thank you and we are sorry about this sir. We just can't risk the safety of our citizens.
  • I understand and thank you for informing me about this.
  • They guided him to the examination room and did a background check on his records to check if there is anything that will threaten the safety of Canada's Citizens.
  • The security discovered that he has constant doctor checkups in his health records involved with an illness called Measles. This illness is contagious and can kill many people.
  • They arrested him and deported him back to the Philippines.
  • Canada always prioritizes the safety and good health of its citizens. If there were to be an outbreak it can cause a horrifying tragedy. This is why there is an immigration test that tests you on your ability to become a good citizen that is healthy and responsible.
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