London Eye Mystery Chapter 11
Updated: 5/2/2020
London Eye Mystery Chapter 11

Storyboard Text

  • All the family are in the living room, silent. Detective Inspector Pierce enters the room.
  • Hello, my name is Detective Inspector Pearce and I am in charge of finding Salim!
  • Have you found anything ? My boy Salim ......
  • Aunt Gloria starts sobbing. Faith puts a comforting arm around Aunt Glo.
  • We are doing all we can. In the vast majority, young people who disappear are found within 48 hours.
  • So far no. We are doing all possible. But we need to know more. How old is he?
  • Don't cry Glo! I am sure they will find him!He is 13... I think? Right, Glo?
  • Det. Insp. Pierce speaking to the children Kat and Ted and then turning to Aunt Gloria.
  • Was he acting weird before he disappeared? Madam, why this stop in London?
  • He was acting ok... except that he couldn't sleep yesterday ...
  • We planned to move to New York!
  • Faith puts her hands on her face. Det. Insp. Pierce turns back to Kat after Aunt Gloria's reply.
  • You say you tracked the pod? Are you sure???
  • 98% sure!!
  • Children, were you the last ones to see him? 
  • A strange man offered us a free ticket. Salim took it. He went up the wheel. We tracked the pod and did not see him anymore.
  • 100% sure!
  • Aunt Gloria interrupts and stands up angrIly.
  • I have enough of this. This is about my son, myonly son. What I want to know is what's been done about it?
  • Dad opens the door and leaves the room together with Kat. He holds her by the elbow. Ted follows after Faith asks him to do so.
  • We are doing all we can. We need some more personal details !!
  • You stay Faith!PLEASE !!
  • Let's leave!!
  • Scoot, Ted!