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forced to marry the CEO
Updated: 4/29/2020
forced to marry the CEO
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  • dad: you have to marry someone to help the company. shadow: what I am only 14 and you want me to get marred mum: we are losing money and the CEO have offered us lots of money if we join with them. Get dressed we are meeting them in half an hour and look nice! emma:mum were is sissy going mum: not now emma.
  • Mr M: this is my son Hunter and wow how beautiful is your daughter, she will be perfect for hunter. hunter: dad I have a girlfriend and I am 20 Shadow: I don't even know him and I am to young to get married. Ms M: well we have set you two on a date so you can get to know each other. Oh and Shadow can stay the night
  • Mr M: hunter show shadow to your room then get ready to go out hunter: yes dad. follow me shadow: ok
  • hunter: get dressed then we are going somewhere shadow: yes hunter, Hunter: don't call me hunter call me babe ok princess shadow: ok babe... wait what did you call me! Hunter: princess shadow: don't call me princess hunter: than shall I call you hot stuff. shadow: no!!! (goes red) hunter: princess it is then. haha shadow: fine.
  • hunter: princess this is jack shadow: nice to meat you jack: nice to meat you too. shadow: wait is that a snake ah (faints) hunter: babe wake up jack: she fainted, take her to bed then tell me her condition ok hunter: ok see you later man jack: ok man
  • shadow: babe what happened hunter: you fainted princess shadow: ok, wait who got me dressed. hunter: um...(lies) my mum shadow: ok, who is that girl in the photo babe hunter: my ex girlfriend she cheated on me with my ex best friend shadow: sorry for asking hunter: it is ok you didn't know, I love you shadow: love you too
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