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St Basil vs. Rich Man: A Trial of Morals
Updated: 5/25/2020
St Basil vs. Rich Man: A Trial of Morals
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  • St Basil: Sir, you are a greedy man who steals. You steal from those who do not have.Rich Man: Explain to me how I have done such.
  • St. Basil: This man is homeless and without a job, but you have more than enough to make ends meet. Are you not a cheater, taking those things which you received for the sake of stewardship and making them your own.
  • Rich Man: But how can I help a man that I do not know. How can I give this man my wealth, without ever meeting him? Did I not work my life for these riches. The hard work did pay off, yet you say I have done wrong.
  • St. Basil: What for those who are cold and without a coat, yet you have a completely filled closet with enough luxury clothing to dress all of NYC. Are you not robbing these people. If one dies of the cold, are you not the cuplrit...a murderer of sorts.
  • Rich Man: I have never thought of such an idea before. So you are saying that my way of life that surpasses the essentials is indirectly affecting others in a negative way. St. Basil: Precisely. Naked you are when you drop from the room, and naked you shall be when you return to the earth.
  • Rich Man: I know understand what you mean, you just have a very direct way of approaching it. I want to help those in need. To make a better life for myself, I have to help others by offering my services and riches. St. Basil: Offer the coat, keep those cold out of it. Feed the hungry. Offer your services. Make good by all!
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