Constitution Day pg.2
Updated: 2/13/2020
Constitution Day pg.2

Storyboard Text

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  • A: Writing a speech on a paper, when talking is done put the paper in his pocket and walkout.S: V.O. Here is Ben Franklin. He is writing his speech to present at the Convention the next day. He hopes his speech will persuade everyone to sign the ConstitutionC: Start on a medium shot then zoom in closer on him to a medium close up zoom back out to long shot when he walks out
  • A: walks up onto the stage puts paper down on the podium takes out glasses and puts them on. Then he reads it. When he finishes everyone cheers and gets in line to sign the constitutionS: ben franklin reading, cheering, and people talkingC:as he walks to the stage long shot then when he starts reading go to medium close up then back to long shot when everyone lines up
  • A: boy closes book smiles then stands up and puts the book back on the shelfS: book closingC: start on medium shot and then when he gets up zoom out to a long shot