3 Regions Project

Updated: 9/12/2021
3 Regions Project

Storyboard Description

Each block represents the cultures, religions, and economies of each of the regions.

Storyboard Text

  • MA, NH, RI, CT
  • Attend church or face the consequences. Me, as a Puritan, have come to purify Christianity. Do not go against our ways.
  • The economy here is largely dependent on the ocean. It looks like it may start to snow so we need to get a move on. Cold weather is brutal but reduces diseases.
  • Shipbuilding and whaling like the one you see behind me is an important part of the economy.
  • This thin and rocky soil makes farming so difficult!
  • Some people come here for the religious tolerance. Religions with significant numbers were such as the Jews and the Catholics.
  • The climate and land here is great for agriculture. We grow a lot of barley, wheats, oats, and rye.
  • Although we have agriculture, here is a very diverse economy. Logging, like the ones you see, and shipbuilding are apart of the economy here as well. We also make textiles and paper!
  • These logs will be sent to a shipping hub. Craftsmen contribute to the economy.
  • NY, NJ, PA, DE
  • The soil is great for farming. The season is longer here. However, summers are very hot, perfect for diseases.
  • MD, VA, NC, SC, GA
  • Religion does not have the same impacts because everyone is so spread apart and lived on plantations. Most are Anglican. A lot of the original people here are Catholics.
  • The economy here relies completely on farming. Cash crops here include tobacco, rice, indigo, sugarcane, and cotton like this.
  • Slaves and indentured servants work on these plantations. South Carolina was one of the centers of slave trade.