Percy Jackson and the lightning thief
Updated: 5/8/2020
Percy Jackson and the lightning thief

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  • Percy and his best friend Grover go to Yancy Academy. Percy struggles in school because of his ADHD and his dyslexia.
  • Percy, his mom, and Grover encounter a mythic beast that takes Percy’s mom to the underworld. As Percy’s protector, Grover takes him to Camp Half-Blood where he figures out that his father is Poseidon. At the camp, he meets Annabeth and Luke. Also, Percy son of Poseidon learns his true powers.
  • Hi, I'm Percy
  • I'm Annabeth. Welcome to Camp Half-Blood
  • I'm Luke!
  • Someone has stolen Zeus’s lightning bolt and a war of the gods will break out if it is not returned by the summer solstices. Zeus blames Percy for stealing it. Hades makes a deal with Percy that if he brings the bolt to him then he will give Percys mom back. Although Percy doesn’t have the bolt he goes anyway hoping Hades will understand and still give him his mother back. Luke helps the gang by telling them how to enter and exit the underworld and gives them a shield to protect them.
  • We need to find all 3 green pearls.
  • Thanks for the shield, bro!
  • No problem;)
  • 2 down, 1 to go!
  • 1 down!
  • Now we go to the underworld!
  • The gang gets to the underworld and asks for Percy’s mom back from Hades. Hades says no because Percy doesn’t have the bolt and plans to kill them. But it turns out that Luke put the bolt in Percy’s shield. Hades gets the bolt and plans to take over the world but they stop him and take the bolt back to Zeus. But Luke shows up to fight Percy for it.
  • Yayyy!
  • Nooooo :(
  • Not so fast!
  • Percy fights Luke and beats him to take the Lightingbolt. Percy takes the bolt back to Zeus before the summer solstice and saves the world from a war of the gods. Percy and his friend go back to camp and begin training for whatever quest comes next.
  • Thanks, Bro!