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Ionization energy
Updated: 9/17/2018
Ionization energy
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  • Hi, guys. Before end of class, there is the last thing I am going to introduce, please listen.
  • What is that?
  • What's that ??????
  • Anyone know ionization energy?
  • Ionization is the minimum amount of energy required to remove the most loosely valance electron to form a cation.
  • Based on what we just said, Ionization energy must have exceptions.
  • Yeah. But it is easier to determine.
  • The paired electrons in the 2p-orbital of oxygen are constantly repulsing against each other, increasing their energy and making it easier to remove an electron. Generally, groups 2 and 15 have a slightly higher ionization energy than groups 13 and 16 respectively because of these two concepts.
  • For example. The electron configuration of nitrogen is 2s2 2p3 and of oxygen is 2s2 2p4. Nitrogen has 3 unpaired electrons in the 2p-orbital while oxygen has 2 unpaired electrons and 1 paired electrons in the same orbital. 
  • Wow, are you sure that is eaiser?
  • Yeah, See you Mr Science.
  • Actually correct. It is just seem longerbut eaiser to understand. Ok, you are dismissed.
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