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Social Studies Final Project - Carson
Updated: 5/11/2020
Social Studies Final Project - Carson
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  • French and Indian War-1754 to 1763
  • The Boston Massacre-March 5, 1770
  • No Taxation without Representation
  • The Tea Act/The Boston Tea Party-1773
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  • The French and Indian war was a fight between the French and the British. They both wanted control over Native American lands. The British won the war and gained a lot of land.
  • The Intolerable Acts- 1774
  • The colonists protested against the British. They threw rocks, snowballs and sticks at them because they did not like being told what to do and wanted a say in taxation. The British soldiers got scared and fired at the colonists. Five colonists were killed and six were wounded on that day.
  • The Shot Heard 'Round the World- April 18, 1775
  • The Tea Act lowered the price of tea, but it also made the colonists angry. They were being forced to purchase from the monopoly of the East India Tea Company. They gathered at the harbor where tea was to be unloaded in Boston. Some colonists disguised as Native Americans boarded the ship and dumped out hundreds of cases of tea into the harbor.
  • Battle of Bunker Hill- June 17, 1775
  • FIRE
  • After the Boston Tea Party, British Government was angry. Parliament passed 5 laws that were so tough that the colonists called them the Intolerable Acts. The first act closed the port of Boston. Two of them increased powers of the Governor and one strengthened the Quartering Act. He also passed the Quebec Act.
  • The British government didn't end the Intolerable Acts. The colonists built up their own army called minutemen. The minute men and 700 British troops were at Concord when the minutemen refused to leave. There was a gun shot that started the American Revolution and no one knew who shot first.
  • During the Battle of Bunker Hill the Americans attacked the British when they were about 150 feet away in the Harbor. The British ended up winning the battle anyway even though they lost more than 1000 people. After all that, George Washington came in and built up the American army and the British finally left.
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