What is Science Pt.2

Updated: 9/9/2021
What is Science Pt.2

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  • Also how we can test Earth Science in multiple ways.
  • Do you ever wonder when you look outside, inquire why is the earth is meticulously built like the way it is?
  • Earth Science's properties are," Geology, Oceanography, Astronomy, and Meteorology.
  • Earth Science is the reason why earth is made this way it is. Earth Science is the study of earth's structures and processes.
  • now lets talk about them
  • Geology deals with earth's firm and rocky solids
  • We can test geology by watching its minerals conforming into huge rocks!
  • Oceanology is the study of bodies of water.
  • We can test Oceanology by collecting data about sea life and water's minerals.
  • Ex: Why are all bodies of water so salty?
  • We can test that knowledge by collecting information about the Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Neptune, Orion, Little Dipper etc.
  • Astrology is the study of outerspace.
  • Why are the stars made of dust?
  • Surprisingly we see this every day...the news is actually tested meteorology. Meteorology focuses on Weather and Atmosphere.
  • Thank you for joining us, dear reader and as always...KEEP LEARNING!