vaccine interview
Updated: 6/2/2020
vaccine interview

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  • hello today i will be interviewing bob Jonson a GP about vaccines and how safe they are.
  • a vaccine is something that is put into your body to immunization your body to a certain disease.
  • so the first question i suppose is what are vaccines?
  • a vaccine works by putting a dead pathogen into our body and this tricks our body to think that we are being attacked by a virus or bacteria, this makes the body produce antibody to fight the pathogen.
  • Ok so secondly how do they work?
  • Well, as you know the most common way is to inject them with a needle, but not all people like that so other ways have been developed. the flu vaccine now is strayed up children's noses but other vaccines can be put into a sugar pill for people to eat.
  • thirdly, how are vaccines put into patients