The escalator

Updated: 6/29/2020
The escalator

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  • Is everything alright Ma'am?
  • She's never been on an escalator before
  • It's fine ma'am I can show you
  • Now you try
  • Among the bystanders was a shop attendant. Miriama caught his glance and quickly looked away. But with growing dread, she knew he would approach her.“Is there anything wrong, Madam?”
  • I'll let these people go first...
  • Oh they don't mind!
  • “Oh no,” Miriama answered. “I’m alright. Nothing wrong.”“She’s never been on one of these things before,” Pita said. At his words, Miriama crimsoned.
  • Oh god...
  • Fine...
  • “But there’s nothing to it, Madam. Look, I’ll show you.”He grasped the handrail and stepped lightly onto the escalator.He went up a few steps and then quickly turned back.“See? Simple. Now you try it.”
  • I'm sorry I can't do it!
  • “See? Simple. Now you try it.”Miriama tried to smile. She saw people gathering around her, waiting to ascend to the first floor. “Let these other people go first,” she answered.“Oh they won’t mind,” the attendant said.
  • She looked up at that frightening silver funnel. She looked down and saw the black divisions between each step appearing from beneath the silver footplate. She put out her hands to grasp the moving handrails and she raised a foot and…
  • “No,” she said. She moved back. Tears of humiliation began to sting her eyes. Pita took her arm, leading her from the escalator.