Science Project
Updated: 5/20/2020
Science Project

Storyboard Text

  • Cov-SARS-2 at first is stopped by the nonspecific barriers, the skin. It then finds an opening, the mouth, to enter the body through.
  • I'm COV-SARS-2! Oh no, not a nonspecific barrier, I must find a way around. Oh look, there's an opening.
  • I'm a gatekeeper (Mast Cell). Oh no, there's a zombie (pathogen), I need to call (secrete histamines) the dogs (macrophages).
  • Nonspecific Barrier
  • The dog (macrophage), after being alerted by the call (histamines) from the gatekeeper (Mast Cell), attacks the zombie (pathogen) before going to the messenger (helper T Cell).
  • Nonspecific Response
  • I'm a Macrophage!*chomp*
  • The macrophage (dog) goes to the Helper T (messenger), showing the antigen (zombie bit) to activate the adaptive immunity (defense).
  • Specific Response
  • I am a messenger (helper T Cell)
  • I need to bring the zombie foot (antigen) to the messenger (helper T Cell)
  • *Due to a beekeeper's inability to divide, and only having six boxes, I skipped the part where the B cell divides into plasma cells and memory cells. In real life, a B cell would divide when activated. Apologies for the lack of accuracy here.
  • Guys, zombies are here!!!! (activating the adaptive immune system at the lymph node)
  • I'm a knight (killer T Cell)
  • I'm a soldier (regulatory T Cell)
  • I'm a beekeeper (B cell)*
  • The knight (Killer T Cell) attacks (secrets chemicals) the infected townsperson (infected cell), killing it (forcing it to destroy itself).
  • Now I can more easily kill the zombie (pathogen), since the bees attacked (neutralized the pathogen)!
  • Bees, attack! (antibody secretion)
  • I'm an infected cell. No one will notice me.. Oh no! Not a knight (killer T cell)!
  • **Sorry if this part is too gory for school, and the infected cell could not be lying down due to position constraints. ***I didn't show what would happen if the immune system was not deactivated due to the limitation of only having six boxes.
  • We died...**
  • Guys, we did it! The zombie is dead! Now stop, you can go home. (deactivating adaptive immune response)***