hitch hiker
Updated: 3/11/2020
hitch hiker

Storyboard Text

  • looking for a lift to London are ya
  • hop on in so
  • yes guv'nor
  • some car isnt it i have she can hit 120
  • she can yeah show me so
  • ahhh shoot the coppers
  • nnnneeeeeooooowwww
  • i believe u now
  • neeeee nawwwww
  • 120 mph !!!!!!!
  • dju know how fast u were going
  • amm idk
  • heheh u did it
  • i cant believe that i could be facing jail time
  • what do u work as actually
  • okkkkkk
  • u just wait and see
  • it could be worse
  • where is my belt and my lace gone
  • oh thank god now none of us are in trouble
  • but how
  • i have them
  • i also have this thing that i took from the copper