Patrick Henry

Updated: 9/14/2020
Patrick Henry

Storyboard Description

Project: speech "Give me liberty or give me death"

Storyboard Text

  • As i walk to the house confidently, the question of freedom or slavery is on my mind but i must keep my opinions to myself as a act of guiltiness towards my country.
  • Trying to persuade the people and the president of what they should do.
  • "Mr. President, its natural for men to have confidence but i think as wise men we should engage in the great struggle for liberty? or are we just suppose to disposed everything we have to understand and see or hear what the problem that we facing. i'm willing to hear the truth no matter how hard it could effect our people."
  • Using facts from the past to back up his statement to help get people on his side to help fight with this war
  • "i know that we cant judge by the past or the future of who we were involved with like britain for the last 10 years, overall we need to have justification of thyselves and the house. i believe that we should not trick our selves with love or war and focus on what we have to do to protect our selves and the house. great britain is our fight and will stay our problem, what have we to oppose to them?"
  • Shall we try to have a argument?
  • We have been doing that for quiet sometime already, we have tried everything we could possible think of to speaking and we still need to avert the storm that has been building up on us.
  • He is presenting what problems and bumps that they have ran into to get people to get interested to fight for freedom to all.
  • Our work has been sighted and we now have more violence and insult, everything we have has been tampered with and disregarded from the throne and what we are fighting for. all of these thing we indulge is the fond or peace but there is no longer room for hope. we need to fight and if we wish to be free, we must fight in gods hands and ours!
  • It is vain that cause us to come up with this solution and i have to say War has officially started! all of us will be ready and you may ask your self why we are doing this or why it has to be this way and the answer is slavery and chains and i have to say not all of you are going to agree but forbid it god almighty but GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!