Historical foundations of our republic
Updated: 2/7/2020
Historical foundations of our republic
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  • Wow why am I not surprised Athens is changing again..
  • This is a fairer way of ruling.
  • You took my oligarchy from me!!!
  • Athens has a way better government thanks to you Pericles!
  • Give us change!
  • Fine we will write you the rule of law!
  • 1 leader that's all we want!!
  • No more roman republic government starting now!!
  • I will become your single fair ruler.
  • Sorry King John..
  • You were becoming too powerful.
  • Barons,I used to be an unfair King until you all made me write the magna carta.
  • My name is John Locke. I think the people should be able to be protected by government more.
  • You wrote the social contract, Jean!
  • My name is Jean Jacques Rousseau.
  • I am a traveler looking for better job opportunities.
  • Ok I guess.
  • Let's create a mayflower compact to unite us all under the same rules.
  • Im a pilgrim, looking to get away from the kings unfairness.
  • Lets cut the sale for tobacco.
  • Yeah! For our first meeting at the house of Burgess.
  • The lower house an assembly and voters elected them.
  • Republic governments are important, because they let the citizens have a role in government.
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