Updated: 6/15/2020
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  • Hamlet's father has died and Hamlet is disgusted that his Mother is marrying his Uncle.
  • Hamlet and his best friend, Horatio see Hamlet's father's ghost but it will not talk in front of Horatio so he leaves and Hamlet is alone speaking to the ghost and his father's ghost tell him that Hamlet's Uncle is the one who poisoned him in his ear. Hamlet vows that he will avenge his father's murder.
  • Meanwhile,Laertes, son to the King’s advisor Polonius is meant to return to France. However, he tells Ophelia, his sister, to be weary of Hamlet’s feeling towards her. Polonius gives Laertes advice on how to act abroad and orders Ophelia to stay away from Hamlet.
  • Everyone seem to think everyone is mad and then Hamlet's Uncle, Claudius get two childhood friends of hamlet and they are to spy on him but hamlet realises their intentions
  • Hamlet suddenly has an idea and he shoots a play but it is about how his father got killed and he shoots the play using actors. Hamlet then asks Horatio to see Claudius's reaction. Claudius is enraged that Hamlet finds out that Hamlet must know.
  • Laertes later returns from France and hears what Hamlet has done then Claudius suggest that they should duel and Claudius tells Laertes to add poison to the tip of his blade and he does so . Hamlet is wounded with the poisoned sword, but in a scuffle, the foilsare switched and Laertes is also wounded with the poisoned foil. In dying,Laertes confesses Claudius’ plot to kill Hamlet. Then Hamlet kills Claudius but before Hamlet dies he asks Horatio to live long enough o tell his story
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