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Updated: 8/11/2020
Media assignment
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  • •Face-to-face bullying (sometimes referred to as direct bullying)involves physical actions such as punching or kicking or direct verbal actions such as name-calling and insulting.
  • hey look the child's back
  • Britney thats not nice and i dont like it
  • Hey Britney do you want to know something.
  • •Covert bullying (sometimes referred to as indirect bullying) is less direct, but just as painful. It means bullying which isn’t easily seen by others and is conducted out of sight, such as excluding people from groups or spreading lies or rumours. Because it is less obvious, it is often unacknowledged by adults.
  • what child
  • •Cyber bullying occurs through the use of information or communication technologies such Instant Messaging or chat, text messages, email and social networking sites or forums. It has many similarities with offline bullying, but it can also be anonymous, it can reach a wide audience, and tensor uploaded material can be difficult to remove. Most people who cyberbully also bully off-line. ᅩ彅
  • Did you know one in every 4 children have admitted to being bullied.
  • •The sort of repeated behaviour that can be considered bullying includes:
  • No i just want you to know what you are doing
  • Are you trying to make me feel bad by telling me about bullying because it not working 
  • •Spreading rumours or lies, or misrepresenting someone (i.e. using their Facebook account to post messages as if it were them.
  • People bully for different reasons. Those who bully persistently are likely to do so in order to dominate others and improve their social status.
  • I know
  • •Acting in an unpleasant way near or towards someone
  • look here child i know what i am doing i don't need your help with that okay. 
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