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Updated: 2/16/2021
Social Studies Storyboard

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  • Where it all Began...
  • A good education is where it all begins!
  • In the Process...
  • Now all sorts of games can be played on the same console with different cartridges!
  • I'm crushing you in this game!
  • How it Impacted the Future...
  • Aw man! Let's change games.
  • Jerrry Lawson, also known as Gerald Lawson, was one of the first African Americans to be working in the video games industry in the 70's-80's. He grew up with a very fierce mother that ensured he had a strong education, and a father that was good with science
  • Jerry had officially created a video game console that would change the video game industry forever. He created the Channel F. console that could play all different cartridges. Before his invention, each game had to have its own console.
  • All families that play video games have it impacting them, even now. Jerry Lawson made playing video games different than anyone had ever done! He was the first African American to do so! Everybody thanks Jerry for what he did!