simran roman wolf kids romeulus
Updated: 4/30/2020
simran roman wolf kids romeulus

Storyboard Description

fror humanaties duhh

Storyboard Text

  • the queen of italy had given birth to 2 baby twins , both were her sons and soon to be heirs to the throne . the uncle or king decided that he couldnt have any heirs take over his kingdom so he whispered to his knight to drown the children in the river near the castle .
  • the babys get dropped into the river and cry for their mother when a wolf saves them , even though wolves generally are scared of humans her motherly instincts took over her . and she took the twins back to her cave . and took care of the twins for 7 years
  • the boys wander off into the forest and get taken by a farmer who beleives that they are lost , but the cant speak cause they were raised by wolves . so the farmer raised them and recognised their resemblance to the late queen , so he told them that theyr the sons of the queen and they planned their attack on the evil uncle
  • the sons attackd the evil uncle and theyrs plan worked they were now the future rulers of italy , they had reunited with theyr old home and been saved thanks to the farmer
  • the brother take over the city and build a free city for everyone to live in and built it right next to the lake where the wolf saved them .