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Updated: 2/22/2019
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  • Reason For Settlement:
  • Problems:
  • Aaaaaaaachoooo!
  • Bleh! This is gross.
  • Solutions:
  • One reason for exploration was to find gold to make money. Another reason was to find a northwest passage to Asia, like most colonies. But once they got there, they decided that they should focus on growing tobacco for money because they couldn't find any gold. That was a reason for them to move, even if they decided to do it after they moved to america.
  • When Jamestown settled in "The New World", they soon discovered that the land was bad for farming. They didn't have a very good supply of food because of that. Another problem was that the drinking water was bad tasting and bad for their health. It soon gave most of the colonists disease.
  • I would tell them to move from their old, bad swampy land, to the forest with a nice, good drinking water lake. I would also tell them how to make a wagon so they could move their fort, and homes, or at least part of them, to the new location. In the text it said how they wanted to move but they didn't want to rebuild their entire settlement again. But using a wagon, they can move their wooden forts, and houses with wagons.
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