Plate Tectonics Pt. 2
Updated: 2/13/2020
Plate Tectonics Pt. 2

Storyboard Text

  • A Transform Boundary is where two plates slide past each other. Causing Disturbance such as Earthquakes.
  • An example of a Transform Boundary, is the San Andreas Fault. Scientists think that this fault is dew for another major Earthquake very soon.
  • Oh no, the Transform Boundary.
  • The Process of Convection happens very slowly.When rocks in the Asthenosphere are heated by the core, they become less dense and rise up to the surface.
  • Then you've got slab pull.This occurs when an ocean plate subducts causing the plate with higher density to move.
  • Yo, Lets talk about convection in the mantle.
  • When the rocks rise up, they also expand. When they reach the top, the rocks cool, shrink, and fall back down decreasing in density as well.
  • Also, let me tell you about something called ridge push. As hot magma rises to the surface, it forms new crust, and when the new crust spreads it pushes the plate.
  • My name is Braden Olsen and thank you for telling me about Plate Tectonics.
  • I'm also very aware of the problems that will have to be dealt with in the very distant future due to plate movement. I assume we would see more landforms, as well as Earthquakes.
  • Thank You for watching this Comic.
  • I now know that I live in the North American Plate, the Pacific Plate as well as the Eurasian plate border the country I live in.
  • I'm also aware of the Earthquake that we could have in this lifetime, reguarding the San Andreas Fault.