Absynnian crisis
Updated: 3/10/2020
Absynnian crisis
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  • Britain, France i beg for help
  • Give it time
  • We must fight for Abyssinia
  • The Wal Wal crisis was the fuel to begin the Abyssinian crisis. The Italians claim that their soldiers were attacked for no reason in Wal-Wal a desert oasis in Abyssinia just acros the border from Italian samali land
  • The Abyssinian emperor Haile Selassie asked the league for help. The league decided to play for time as they were desperate to keep good relations with Mussolini, there strongest ally against Italy. They signed a treaty with Mussolini called the Stresa Pact which they ignored Italy.
  • As 1934 wore on a public outcry against Italy's behaviour caused there to be a ballot taken in Britain and this showed the majority of people in Britain supported military action to defend Abyssinia. However nothing was done.
  • Abyssinia is ares
  • In October 1935 the league suggested that Mussolini should have some land in Abyssinia.
  • Instead the Italians invaded Abyssinia with 100,000 soldiers, the Italian soldiers used poison gas and attacked red cross hospitals.
  • In 1935 the Hoare-Laval Pact was uncovered by the media a secret plan made by the foreign secretary of Britain and the prime minister of France to give Abyssinia to Italy. In the end, the League did almost nothing. By May 1936, Italy had conquered Abyssinia.
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