Updated: 2/21/2020

Storyboard Text

  • IPDE
  • Roadway markings
  • Blind spots
  • There's a man walking what will you execute?
  • Making right and left turns
  • Since the white lines are broken you can pass lanes.
  • Parallel parking
  • The bus driver can not see the car behind him, that is a blind spot
  • Traffic signals
  • The grey car will make a left turn. But that is more dangerous because since there are no stop signs the car coming could hit him. Right turns are safer because you stay in the same lane.
  • Parallel parking is more dangerous because you can back out and you could get hit by a car.
  • It is red that means you MUST come to a complete stop or else if there is a cop you could get a ticket. Once it's green you can go. But if it goes to yellow before you get there that means SLOW DOWN.