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Road to Revolution 2
Updated: 11/16/2020
Road to Revolution 2
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  • The 1st Continental Congress
  • Our colonies have to join together to takeback our rights from the British!
  • we need to take control of the new world and not let these horrible people take over the land that is ours.
  • The 2nd Continental Congress
  • we need to find a strong enough leader to lead us to success against the British.
  • they are bringing these groups together trying to take us down, but we will always be superior.
  • Battles of Lexington and Concord
  • these horrible terms of events will just make us stronger and help us to defeat the British.
  • These terms of events needed to happen to open the eyes of the colonists to show them that they can’t defeat the British.
  • 50 leaders in the 12 colonies joined together. The group sent a message to King George asking him to consider their complaints and think about their rights.
  • In 1775 another group of people joined together to talk about who should command the New England army.
  • A spy told General Gage that the colonists were hiding a large supply of gunpowder and weapons in concord. He attacked but they were already alarmed of this attack. Eight colonists die at the battle of Lexington. While going back to Boston 74 British solders died and 200wounded or missing. 49 colonists were dead and 41 were wounded.
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