Gilgamesh Tablet 2
Updated: 1/30/2020
Gilgamesh Tablet 2
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Reference: George, A. (2003). The epic of Gilgamesh: the Babylonian epic poem and other texts in Akkadian and Sumerian. London: Penguin Books.

Storyboard Text

  • "Come, I will lead you to Uruk-the-Town-Square,to the sacred temple, the home of Anu!Enkidu, arise, let me take youto the temple Eanna, the home of Anu,"(pg 12)
  • "Enkidu ate the bread until he was sated, he drank the ale, a full seven goblets.His mood became free, he started to sing, his heart grew merry, his face lit up."(pg 14)
  • "He wil couple with the wife-to-be,he first of all, the bridegroom after.By divine consent it is so ordained:when his navel-cord was cut, for him she was destined."(pg 15)
  • "Why, my friend, (did your eyes) brim (with tears,)your arms fall limp, (your strength ebb away?)Said Enkidu to him, (to Gilgamesh:)My friend, my heart is aggrieved....."(pg 18)
  • "In the Forest of Cedar, (where *Humbaba) dwells,let us frighten him in his lair!Enkidu opened his mouth,saying to Gilgamesh:"(pg 18)
  • "This is Humbaba, (his voice is the Deluge,)(his speech is fire,) his breath is death!(He hears) the forest murmur (at sixty leagues' distance:)(who is there would venture) into his forest?"(pg 21)
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