Updated: 9/29/2021

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  • I went to the aquarium in Myrtle beach, I came here with family for a vacation. We walked around the aquarium for a while. We stayed at a small hotel not far from the Aquarium
  • Carowinds is one of my other favorite places to go during the summer,  I usually come here with my family and my cousins. When I'm here at Carowinds, I like to get on the big, fast roller coasters that they have here.
  • I like going to the malls food court with my siblings. I like to eat the Japanese food that they have.
  • I like going to downtown Greenville, but I only come here whenever my siblings want to go. When we come here, we usually go for ice cream and walk around the city afterwords.
  • Atlanta Georgia is also one of my favorite places to go. Me and my sibling's usually come here every once in a while. When we go there, we go to the World of Coca Cola, the aquarium, and sometimes the zoo.
  • My friends house is one of my other favorite places to go to, but I only come here whenever it's his birthday, but when I get there, along with my other friends that go, we go out to his pool and swim, and play games after.