The bois storyboard
Updated: 4/21/2020
The bois storyboard
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  • Yo what's poppin bois lolol
  • Aye wassup Luke what's going on?
  • Eh nothing, i'm just bored, wanna hang out?
  • Yes! Can I bring Rocky and scarlet with me?
  • Ight imma wait here. You better text me once you get them okay?
  • Ight lol. But we gotta do it on the internet because there are people coughing and i'm afriad imma get the disease on the news.
  • One creepier thing is that there' s this guy that comes out a 12:00 AM and I keep hearing gargling noises
  • Yo I keep seeing that man and I keep hearing that gargle too
  • I don't know what he's doing but I think he's up to no good, since I see pterodactyl looking things flying at midnight and they're not attacking him.
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